Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry x Edible Canada Pop-up Dinner

When Poultry Meets Wine - A collaboration dinner featuring Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry (FVSP) and BC Wines for a delightful, wine ...

When Poultry Meets Wine - A collaboration dinner featuring Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry (FVSP) and BC Wines for a delightful, wine pairing poultry dinner at Edible Canada. Thank you FVSP for sponsoring this post and inviting me to experiences a taste of BC's local flavours.

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry is located at the base of Vedder Mountain in the beautiful Fraser Valley, British Columbia. It is east of Yarrow Meadow, a farm locally known as "Duck & Goose" for providing duck, goose, specialty chicken, and squab to Greater Vancouver's large Asian ethnic population. They are the supplier for the barbecued ducks displayed in the windows of Vancouver's Chinatown. FVSP is a five-generation family farm and has become a favourite within the lower mainland and Asian community. FVSP has expanded over the years and offers certified organic chicken, specialty chicken without antibiotics, Loong Kong (Taiwan) chicken, squab, turkey, and a variety of ready-to-eat-options. They are committed to providing premium specialty poultry products from carefully breeding, hatching to raising and food processing. FVSP's Farm Store first opened its doors on June 16, 2014 and offers fresh locally sourced foods.

We had a wonderful cooking demonstration hosted by Chef Tobias Grignon. He shared his tips and secrets on how to cook the perfect chicken.
1. Always buy your chicken with the skin on – the best flavours comes from the skin
2. Always cook chicken on low heat – keeps it from overcooking
3. Cook chicken for 25mins on 250 degrees Fahrenheit – to get a tender chicken
4. Or 30 – 35 mins in a cream and butter sauce to prevent sauce from curdling. The cream sauce is dense and will hold onto all the flavours.

Pop-up Dinner Menu
Crispy Duck Hearts with garam masala honey, ginger, aioli
Duck Liver Pate with truffle, stone fruit compote, on sourdough bread
Fraser Valley Smoked Duck Salad with Endive, apple, pistachio, duck egg, and chervil
Main Course:
Grilled Squab with chermoula, buckwheat honey, white bean croquette, and parsley
Butter Poached Free Range Chicken Breast with crispy skin, golden beets, red grapes, fingerling chips, and tarragon.
Roasted Okanagan Peaches with crème fraiche, brown butter cake, and basil

Sommelier Ashley West gave us a new twist on wine paring and insight on matching food intensity with wine intensity. All wines selected are from Ripples Estate Winery in Abbotsford, BC.

For starters, Crispy Duck Hearts and Duck Liver Pate were paired off with the sparkling blue berry wine. The Crispy Duck Hearts were evenly battered with a crispy outer layer and finished with a mild but lingering ginger taste.

The Duck Liver Pate was seasoned perfectly, creamy and had a sour aftertaste. I found both starters a promising start to the night.

The Fraser Valley Smoked Duck salad was paired with a white acidic wine to help balanced the light smoked duck breast. The texture of the smoked duck mixed with duck egg, nutty pistachio, and endive made a balanced and savory dish.

My favourite dish of the night was the very tender Grilled Squab. Grilled Squab was paired with a dried blueberry wine. West shared that it contained a tannin phonetic compound that creates that tongue-smacking aftertaste in your mouth. The pairing of the wine compliments the pairing of protein and fat - darker wine for a darker protein. I would definitely order this dish again.

The Butter Poached Free Range Chicken Breast as demonstrated by Tobias Grignon was paired with the same temperance wine from the previous dish. The pairing goes well with butter and cream. The flavours are contrasting rather than complimenting. The chicken was very soft and delicate with each slice. The deep-fried chicken skins and golden beets added great texture.

Lastly, the Roasted Okanagan Peaches with brown butter cake for dessert was paired with a blueberry dessert wine. West explained the art of pairing dessert wine with dessert. The Wine must be sweeter than the dessert or else the flavours will cancel each other out. This was my second favourite dish and would also recommend trying. The warm and soft brown sugar cake with cream peaches ended the night with a sweet touch.

I am excited to announce the FVSP Pop-up shop that is happening from August 17, 2018 – September 30, 2018 at the Edible Canada Granville Island store. The ready-to-eat Smoked Duck is available August 17 – September 30, 2018 at the Edible Canada Store, Choices Market and other specialty stores.

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