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#finals {Should Be Studying} Procrastinating by looking at old photos | #Albacore Tuna, Pork Jowl, Yam Tempura Tacos, cute burrito + ...

There are times when I would rather take photos of food than eat. I got carried away -  the lighting, decorations, and food were all too pretty. I had to capture every bit of this moment. Let's taco-bout it!

Banana Churros { ibarra chocolate sugar & dulce de leche } Hmm I could do without the sauce - it tasted like caramelized condensed milk. The Churro was crunchy on the outside and slightly dry on the inside. It's basically a deep fried banana cake.

[Back to Front: Pork, Tuna]

2 for $10 Tacos: Tuna + Pork. 
Albacore Tuna Taco { soy, sesame, ginger, & wasabi mayo
I was very impressed with the generous slab of tuna that was in my taco, it was huge. The ginger on top meshes all the flavours together very nicely.

Pork Jowl Taco { cabbage, fried shallot, pineapple, & sriracha sauce }
Oh boy, I'm in love. The contrast between a soft taco and a crunchy filling is a nice balance compared to the tuna taco, which is "soft on soft." Superb. I wish it was a bit bigger.

[Left to Right/Top to Bottom: Churro, Burrito | Pork, Tuna + Yam, Tuna]

My friends got the 2for$10 combo and Bean and Cheese Burrito with sriracha sauce on the side.
Yam Tempura Taco { avocado, bonito flakes, & plum vinegar-soy }
Bean & Cheese Burrito { salsa fresca, cabbage, sour cream, & sriracha }

Chips & Salsa - pay extra $3 for guacamole

Yummy! I wish we didn't have to pay an extra three dollars for guac! Good but not as great as the ones that I had in Honduras.

Abstract lighting with floating plants


Friendly workers
Nice decorations
Moderate wait of my food

Location is out of the way for me
May need to share a table (I don't like communal tables)

Will I ever go back? Maybe
Would I crave it? no, not much of a fancy taco eater

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