Soft Peaks Ice Cream // REVIEW

Honeycomb Peak + Rocky Mountain 🍦 😊 #softpeaks A post shared by t e a . l a tt e ☕️ Vancouver (@tea.latte) on Jan 23, 2015 at 3:...

Honeycomb Peak + Rocky Mountain 🍦 😊 #softpeaks

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Soft Peaks Ice Cream – the talk around town. Two brothers, Dan and Ken Kim have created a soft serve ice-cream with organic Avalon milk and toppings to complement each Soft Peaks' signature menu. There are 8 flavours: Original Peak, Honeycomb Peak, Salty Himalyan, Rocky Mountain, Mudslide, Sunrise in California, Avalanche, and North Pole Breakfast
Original Peak - without any toppings
Honeycomb Peak - topped with Okanagan honeycomb
Salty Himalyan - with Himalayan pink salt topped with caramel, chocolate or organic maple syrup
Rocky Mountain - with toasted coconut and the choice of honey, caramel or maple syrup
Mudslide - with TimTam flakes and chocolate syrup
Sunrise in California - with sour Yuzu marmalade
Avalanche - topped with multi-grain powder and liquid honey
North Pole Breakfast - topped with cornflakes and caramel or liquid honey

After I paid, the lady told us that our ice cream was upgraded to a regular instead of a small for their grand opening special. Lucky us, it was not very busy at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.  I heard others had to wait 20 minutes. Our ice creams were made quickly and to my surprise, it was quite small. I mean, it looks big in pictures and she said it was a regular… I wonder how much smaller a “small” could be?

My dad and I shared the Honeycomb Peak and the Rocky Mountain with caramel syrup. The ice cream was smooth and creamy. The sweetness was very mild and didn’t have much taste. We liked the Rocky Mountain with caramel because it was sweeter and the crunchy coconut made it more flavourful. We didn’t like the honeycomb one as much because it was really hard and tacky. My dad said the consistency reminded him of wax. Haha I’m a bit biased but I don’t like raw honey. However, the combination of the two blended nicely together and there’s cereal underneath it all. If you like raw honey – go for it! 


100% Organic
Free water
Friendly workers
Friendly and cute environment

Expensive $$
The ice cream only lines the edge of cup – leaving the centre empty
Place is small and not many seats are available
Location – its too far away from me!

Will I ever go back? Maybe
Would I crave it? No, not really.

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  1. These soft serves look so fancy haha! The toppings sound good, too bad it's not as great as you expected.