Up, Up and Away: Hawaii 2013

Aloha! The last two weeks of my summer was spent with my lovely family in the warm island of Oahu, Hawaii. We stayed in the city of Hono...

Aloha! The last two weeks of my summer was spent with my lovely family in the warm island of Oahu, Hawaii. We stayed in the city of Honolulu, one of our favorite vacation hot spots.  Our daily schedule consisted of swimming at the beach, eating, shopping and sight seeing.

We rented a car and drove around the island. We drove to our favorite beach, Kailua, which was less crowed than the Waikiki beaches. It had nice sand, lots of palm trees, turquoise blue water, and a slight, but refreshing breeze. We stopped at our favorite places like Nico’s pier 38, Wolfgang Puck,  and Leonard's (malasadas). We enjoyed our Hawaiian “Poke,” pronounced po-kay, and it is basically diced up sashimi that is coated with sauce. We could not resist the Spicy Ahi (tuna) with masago eggs. We also fell in love with the pineapple shave ice and garlic shrimp. It was AMAZING! My dad and I enjoyed our usual spam Musubi for breakfast, a piece of slice spam, cooked in teriyaki sauce on rice wrapped with seaweed. We actually ate a lot more than this, but I’ll make a separate post about that.  It will be my part two of my Hawaii mini series.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and good luck to everyone starting school in the fall!

Marukame Udon. My first meal.

I don't like coconut water, but this wasn't' that bad :P
Driving around North Shore
Spicy Ahi Poke! yum
Left to Right: Pineapple w/ ice cream +Rainbow Shaved Ice 
A random beach during a look out point. Pretty :)
Leonard's Bakery - Malasadas 
Kailua Beach
Turtle! There were about ten at the one beach.
Double take, we just had to get it one last time. The one on the left is Pineapple w/ ice-cream and the one on the right is Pineapple Coconut :) Heaven.
We found our fav. Fumi's! Garlic shrimp and a puddle of garlic butter :) For some reason, Giovanni's shrimp wasn't as fresh :(
Wolfgang Puck Express. Our new fav. Garlic mash potatoes, yam fries, pizza, caesar salad etc. are amazing.
Sunset between the trees :)

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  1. Wow, awesome pictures! I would love to visit Hawaii one day, too. It must be a real paradise there and food looks very delish! :)


  2. I was just there at the end of July! Your pictures are really good, and make me want to go back so bad! Glad to hear you had a great time. :)

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  3. That food look so good!!! I love your pictures and your blog is really cool :)


  4. Looks amazing! I've never been there before!


  5. oh my god I'm in love with this post . Love alle the pictures :o

  6. Beautiful! :)