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Hey everyone,  How is it going?  Sorry for not posting earlier, but I had a midterm this week :P  Last Friday, my dad and...

Hey everyone, How is it going? Sorry for not posting earlier, but I had a midterm this week :P Last Friday, my dad and I went to the IDSwest show (GE Cafe Trade Day). It was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre and it featured many different contemporary designs. Besides the free pens, magazines, and chocolate, there were many intriguing pieces of art that I liked. Hahaha. You could tell by how many photos I took of the little lamp fixtures and light bulbs, that I was extremely fascinated by them. Sadly, I did not go to the Fashion show, it was on Saturday and you had to pay to get in. Maybe next year?

P.S. I'll try to upload an outfit of the day in my next post:)

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Here are some photos that I snapped while browsing through the exhibits:
Insert your Iphone and it will amplify your audio. Sweet!
Chocolate print: you can get a fossilized printed chocolate bar! The owner told us that he actually designed the print himself :)
Hand crafted jewellery. 
I thought this was the funniest thing ever!  spilled rice as a decor :) 
This wood artwork was my dad's favourite.  Very pretty.
Our passes! yeah...I hid my name :P
The Vancouver Convention Centre

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  1. love the photos. that's a great daddy bonding. good luck to your exams.

    just me,

  2. Hey LJ! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I had a boo around here and you are quite the foodie! Love some of the places you've been to. Sushi California is in my neighbourhood! Billy Minor Pie is one of my favourite desserts. Looking forward to getting to know you via our blogs.

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  4. Cute post. Nice blog. Follow each other?

  5. That's the kind of events I love to attend. Looks like they had some very inspirational exhibits.


  6. You have the most stunning photos ever!

    And I love your layout :)


  7. What an awesome trade show, so many amazing products in your photos, love it!


  8. this is really amazing. So glad I found your through IFB. I am always down for visual stimulation.

  9. hello! thanks for the friend request on IFB. your blog is awesome!! the design is super cute and i love all of your graphics!! you are SO talented (if you make them yourself!) now following via GFC. hope you can check out my blog =)


  10. Great photos-I just discovered your blog and I agree, photos are worth a thousand words! Thanks for sharing the IDSWEST Showcase with us!!